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Taste-ful Interiors is trying something new!

Over the last year, we have all been spending more time in our homes. It has become more apparent that rooms that needed some design input before the pandemic need even more attention as we spend all day in them. I am even studying various walls in my own house, ha! Designers have been so busy working on this increased demand, and it has been hard to help everyone that is requesting design work. Taste-ful Interiors has been working on a solution…

I’m so excited to share this with you! Once a month, I will work on a design and provide the collection of products to purchase directly. You can buy all the items from one spot easy-peasy. Maybe you like only the art, and it will work well in another space in your house – then you can purchase just the art! No problem!

Foyer | California or Coastal Modern Collection

This month, I started with a Foyer. It seems like a good entry point. I am showing one console styled two different ways. However, don’t limit yourself. This design may also work in your dining room or second-floor hallway….even your bedroom….think outside of the...
All sales are final. Please reach out to me if an item is damaged in transit and I will gladly help with a return!