Taste-ful Day, Professional Designer Service, Decatur, GA

Our Taste-ful Day with Becky was extremely productive and exactly what we needed. We were starting to feel overwhelmed with all the design decisions for our renovation and wanted some guidance. Becky stepped in and pulled it all together for us. She not only helped us make important selections and decisions to achieve our vision, but she also came up with some incredible suggestions that enhanced our plan. I highly recommend her services!”


Joanne was in the middle of a renovation that had hit some roadblocks. She had a good idea of general direction, framing was complete, and rough electrical was going in. Then her contractor started to need answers to details… lots of them. Decision paralysis set in.

I had worked with her contractor before, and he played matchmaker and suggested Joanne contact me. We set up her Taste-ful Day and worked through many details together in just one day!

This service provides professional design expertise and helps avoid costly mistakes on the overwhelming parts of your project.

Your Taste-ful Day is perfect for:

    • Refresh of kitchen or bath that you don’t want to hire a full-time designer for
    • An already started construction project that you feel lost in and need professional help
    • Room furniture layouts and sourcing of a few key pieces

There will be prep work to maximize our time together. We start with a complimentary design Zoom consultation, so you can tell me all about your project and needs. When we determine your project is the right fit for the service, we can schedule our Taste-ful Day!

A minimum of a week before our day, you send:

  1. prioritized list of items you want to tackle
  2. Any purchases  already made
  3. Items that still need to be selected
  4. Architectural plans, if you have them
  5. Photos of each space we are working on
  6. Any inspiration imagery you have gathered (Pinterest boards, magazine cut-outs, etc.)
  7. Investment information

Your Taste-ful Day Includes:

    • Up to 6 hours in your home just for your project
    • A Gourmet Boxed Working Lunch
    • Documentation from the Day
      • Links/Pinterest Board of recommended products
      • Sketches and drawings from the day
    • Solutions to your problems and answers to your questions!
    • 30 min Zoom project check in that can be used within 30 days

If you are ready to schedule your Taste-ful Day, please fill out the Discovery Call Form on the Contact page and say that you are thinking about the Taste-ful Day service in the comment box!